What Makes Us Different?


We give you our word...this photo was NOT enhanced or altered in anyway to make our competitor look worse then this photo suggests. Nor did we "clean up" or alter our jar to look cleaner. We gave Yankee it's just due; we trimmed the wick, and kept it out of a draft.

Thanks to Yankee Candle, consumers believe that a paraffin based candle is sooty, dirty, harmful, and full of chemicals.  And many consumers are led to believe that a soy based candle is pure, clean, and chemical free.  Both are misconceptions!  

Yes, Yankee Candles are full of chemicals, and do turn your walls black, not to mention how icky they look burning on your coffee table.  And yes, "pure" soy is a clean burning alternative to chemically infused candles like Yankee.  However, scent loving candle connoisseurs will attest that soy leaves them longing for a stronger scent throw.  Not to mention that pure soy candles have a very distinct "earthy/organic" odor that often if not always alters the true fragrance of the candle. Most soy candles sold on the market today are not "pure" because of this reason.  Most are soy/paraffin blends. 

Many consumers are duped into believing that a soy candle is chemical free, paraffin free, clean burning, etc., however, this is usually NOT the case. For example, if it's sold as a votive (which most are) it is NOT PURE SOY as a pure soy candle could NEVER be made into a votive or pillar! FYI, candles that are marketed as "soy" and sold in the form of votives or pillars are a paraffin/soy blend!  Pretty cool marketing strategy huh?  We call it misleading.  And the funny thing is, these candles never fade or lose color as well (Roots, Archipelago, Beanpod, etc.) They always look so pretty!  Only ONE thing will prevent that:  COLOR STABILIZING CHEMICALS.

After several years of testing, Wickit Good created a formula of different waxes including beeswax, which burns clean, is chemical free, and emits a pure, unadulterated fragrance. When you burn our Coco Cabana, all you will smell is Coconut; Not synthetic coconut laced with perfumed puffs of black soot; or a weak coconut at best, eclipsed with an organic dirt kick!

Wickit Good Candles hold three times the amount of fragrance of a (pure) soy candle. And the best part, Wickit Good's candles won't turn your walls black and won't make you sick. Our candles are tolerated by even the most sensitive of candle burners. Still need convincing? Please refer to our testimonial page!
Black Soot Free: Because we add no chemicals, no color stabilizers, nor hardeners, our candles burn clean. No more breathing toxic chemicals, or having black build up on your walls!  The downside....because we don't add color stabilizers, our candles WILL fade if placed in sunlight or florescent lighting.  The upside...You can find all our fades on sale for 50% OFF!!  Our commitment to purity is YOUR gain!

All Natural: We have a unique blend of pure wax's, essential oils, and high quality fragrance...THAT'S IT!

Unique Fragrances: At Wickit Good we continually strive to come up with unique and unusual fragrances that have consistently risen to be best sellers only available at Wickit Good!
Triple Scented: Wickit Good uses a minimum of 10% pure fragrance and essential oils to all our candles. More then three times the amount of the average candle on the market today. 

Try us! You'll find us Wickit Good!

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