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What Makes Us Unique

Wickit Good Candle Company is an independent candle design and manufacturing studio based in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey (originally from Point Pleasant, New Jersey).  
 Locally founded more than 30 years ago, we pride ourselves on creating natural, aromatic, clean-burning candles that are perfume and toxin free. Candles are created one at a time - by hand - in our Jersey Shore studio. We use a proprietary blend of natural, non-toxic waxes infused with plant-based, sustainably harvested essential oils, hand-poured over all-natural cotton wicks. We're proud to offer a unique line of intoxicating scents - more than 60, in fact - that emit an amazing, natural throw. Each scent is strong enough to subtly embrace multiple rooms without overpowering.
Wickit Good candles are available in glass vessels, hand-carved wooden vessels pillars, tea lights, votives & wax melts. We also offer handmade, essential oil air fresheners.


Ask us about our custom options including signature scents, private labeling, wholesale, 
fundraising & special event candles.    
Our Vessels
Our clear glass vessels were specially selected to showcase the real star of our show - the soft, flickering glow of a candle flame. And, since Wickit Good candles burn CLEAN - with no black soot or smoke, we don't need to hide behind our container. Glass vessels are available in three sizes - 8 oz, 15 oz & 22 oz and our new Hexagon glass jars.
The clear scent label on the front is adhesive-free and designed to easily peel off the glass jar. So you're blessed with a simple, clear container - completely free of advertising - to highlight the mesmerizing flame and complement your unique interior design/decorating style. Containers are made in the US and are 100% recyclable. Our lids can be private labeled for wholesale clients & special events.

New to Wickit Good?

We invite you to take the Wickit Good Candle Challenge... Burn one of our candles next to any other brand and experience the difference for yourself! As evident in the video, our candles burn clean, with no black soot or smoke residue left behind. Unlike soy and other waxes, they also burn slow, so prepare to be amazed at how long they last! And, because we triple scent from top to bottom, you'll enjoy our aromatic essential oils from the first light of the wick until you extinguish the final flame.
Thank You
Special thanks to all of our repeat clients - many of whom have been with us from the beginning. Your feedback and testimonials inspire us to continue the Wickit Good tradition.
What's your Wickit Good Candle Story? We'd love to hear about it!


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