Breathe in pure relaxation with the calming scents of warm green tea and fresh-cut lavender notes, custom blended to help alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and fatigue, as well as promote overall well-being. (white)


(First Photo shown above is our 15oz Medium Jar Double Wick)


To order on our site: Click "Select" for the Drop Down Menu, then you may choose your size/type by scrolling up down. Available in 8oz, 15oz and 22oz Jars; Votives, Air Fresheners, Tarts/Pods/Melts, Oil Bottles & Pillars


8oz jar (6.5oz): 50 hours burn time

15oz jar (12oz) : 80 hours burn time

22oz jar (18oz): 120 hours burn time

Peace (Lavender & Green Tea)