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(Best Seller) - Also known as Long Beach Island


Light, refreshing and clean, our Mermaid Bay candle will bring you right to the water’s edge, reawakening your body and recharging your spirit. This is an irresistible marine scent, gently blended with soft floral notes of orchid, violet, jasmine and rose, a splash of orange bergamot and warmed with creamy vanilla and cedarwood. (Pale Blue)



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Available in 8oz, 15oz and 22oz Jars; Votives, Air Fresheners, Tarts/Pods/Melts, Oil Bottles & Pillars

8oz:  50 hours burn time

15oz:  80 hours burn time

22oz:  120 hours burn time

Mermaid Bay (Long Beach Island) (Best Seller)

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