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Have you ever been "knocked out" by the intoxicating, heady aroma of freshly cut roses on a warm summer morning? Then you'll understand why we created this candle, capturing the true, simple essence of rose. The uplifting power this lush, heavenly scent has on our hearts is incredible. Treat yourself or a loved one to Bella Rosa... It's sure to help melt away the winter blues by filling your soul with love, sunshine and dreams of warmer, brighter days to come.  






To order on our site: 

Click "Select" for the Drop Down Menu, then you may choose your size/type by scrolling up down.  


Available in 8oz, 15oz and 22oz Jars; Votives, Air Fresheners, Tarts/Pods/Melts, Oil Bottles & Pillars

8oz jar:  50 hours burn time

15oz jar:  80 hours burn time

22oz jar:  120 hours burn time

Bella Rosa (Cape May)

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