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Although a Holiday favorite, bayberry is popular with many of our customers year round. With top notes of balsam, middle notes of sweet berry at the heart and delicate base notes of nutmeg, ginger and sandalwood, we can understand why. It’s been a treasured tradition in America since Colonial times to burn a bayberry candle on Christmas and New Year’s eves, timing it to keep the flame lit into the midnight hour. According to Folklore, burning the candle all the way down to the end will bring prosperity and good fortune into the home throughout the new year.


If you give this heartwarming candle as a Holiday gift, be sure to include the traditional rhyme: “This bayberry candle comes from a friend, so on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, burn it down to the end. For a bayberry candle burned to the socket, will bring joy to the heart and gold to the pocket.” 


(First photo shown above is Large 22oz Jar Double Wick, 2nd photo shown is Medium 15oz Jar Double Wick)



To order on our site: Click "Select" for the Drop Down Menu, then you may choose your size/type by scrolling up down. Available in 8oz, 15oz and 22oz Jars; Votives, Air Fresheners, Tarts/Pods/Melts, Oil Bottles & Pillars


8oz jar: 50 hours burn time

15oz jar: 80 hours burn time

22oz jar: 120 hours burn time


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