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Our hand-poured pillars are available in multiple sizes and colors, in single, double and triple wick.

To order:  

1.  Go to Scent Pages and hit drop down menu to choose your Pillar style and size 

2.  Order here and note at checkout which scent you want to order.  . 


Pillar Sizes:  3"x3" (single wick) , 3"x6"(single wick) , 4"x3" (single wick), 4"x6" (single wick), 6x6" (triple wick).   All Pillars are round.  


Colors may vary by scent.  You can request custom colors but note that they. may vary due to natural oils.   Our colors are natural and do not contain fillers or additives, colors can vary slightly with each pour and should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Scented Pillars

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