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Velvet Oakmoss is a warm, masculine, woody and seductive scent, with a romantic, leathery vibe. Nicknamed "Sexy Man" by one of our long-time customers for good reason. We’ve blended wet and earthy oakmoss oil with sweet, smoky, herbaceous notes of green vetiver grasses, warm vanilla and just a hint of nutmeg to create this grounding, earthy fragrance that exudes the essence and energy of a warm midsummer's forest at dusk - dew-drenched moss, french lichen and fragrant grasses sparkling by the light of the evening's fireflies.




To order on our site: 

Click "Select" for the Drop Down Menu, then you may choose your size/type by scrolling up down.  


Available in 8oz, 15oz and 22oz Jars; Votives, Air Fresheners, Tarts/Pods/Melts, Oil Bottles & Pillars

8oz jar :  50 hours burn time

15oz jar :  80 hours burn time

22oz jar:  120 hours burn time

Velvet Oakmoss

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